What is the flower on The Obrador's logo?

The logo of The Obrador is not a simple flower, it’s a flower that represents Barcelona.

Park Güell - Antoni Gaudí
Barcelona Park Güell - Antoni Gaudí

Up until 1906, Barcelona was known as “Can Fanga” which means something like “Mud’s house”.

The reason?

It was all dirt streets, and they turned into a muddy mess every time it rained.

As you can imagine, “Can Fanga” was not a nickname liked by any barceloní. So, in 1906, Barcelona’s town hall decided to open a contest to choose a new, stylish, and economic tile for the streets of Barcelona.

The winner?

Casa Escofet. The minimalist geometric flower design, called panot, won the contest, and Casa Escofet was in charge of producing many of these hydraulic cement tiles for the city of Barcelona.

Barcelona street flower tiles
Flower Panot - Barcelona

But a lot of people in Barcelona thinks that the design belongs to the modernist architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch.

Why is that?

Josep Puig i Cadafalch designed “Casa Amatller”, one of the landmark buildings in Barcelona. The owner of the building, Antoni Amatller, was a chocolatier and businessman, and you might not know, but his last name means “almond tree” in Catalan.

As you can see in this picture , the entrance of the Casa Amatller is covered by tiles with a flower pattern, almost like the one seen all around Barcelona streets. It is natural then, that for many years, everyone thought that the panot design was from Casa Amatller, designed by Josep Puig i Cadafalch.

However, after thorough research it was determined that the 2 designs were independent. Josep Puig i Cadafalch was inspired by the almond tree flower for the design of the entrance tiles. Maybe Escofet was inspired by Casa Amatller or other modernist designs, but there is no evidence to proof that.

No matter where the design comes from, the flower panot has become the symbol of Barcelona. There are all kind of souvenirs printed with the flower, jewelry, clothes, chocolates…you can even buy an actual tile!

Flower Barcelona Logo The Obrador
The Obrador Logo

For that reason, I decided to inspire The Obrador logo with the flower panot of Barcelona. It reminds me of where I come from, my beloved city Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia Barcelona Antoni Gaudí
Barcelona Sagrada Familia - Antoni Gaudí

When you go to Barcelona, don’t forget to enjoy every single piece of the city, including the beautiful tiles on the streets!

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