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Origin: Galicia (North-Western Spain)

Tarta de Santiago is a simple, yet delicate, almond cake made with only 3 ingredients (eggs, almonds, and sugar), and notes of lemon and cinnamon.

Naturally gluten and dairy free, this cake is very rich and moist. It will surprise your senses and will become your favorite treat with that afternoon hot coffee.

Its origin dates back to the XVI century although back then it was called “Torta Real” (Royal cake). So, where does the name “Tarta de Santiago” come from?  Check out the full story here. 



Origin: Basque Country (Northern Spain)

The burnt top, irregular shape, and creamy and oozy filling, make it one of the best cheesecakes you have ever tried. 

The Basque Country is not specifically known for cheesecakes. However, this particular smooth and creamy cheesecake has been one of the most popular items in the menu at La Viña Restaurant in Donosti for many years. Hence, in Spain, it is known as the Basque cheesecake. 

Not only we love the traditional one, but we also offer limited editions made with special Spanish cheeses such as Manchego, Idiazabal, and more!


Share it with friends or family, or enjoy it on your own.

You will be coming back for more.



Origin: Grandma's home, Barcelona (North-Eastern Spain)

This apple cake is particularly special because it was THE cake my grandma used to make and delight the whole family.

Like many Spanish recipes, it is made with staple ingredients such as flour, eggs, sugar, butter, and many sweet apples.


My grandma left the recipe written as they were before (1 slice of butter, 6 spoons of sugar…) so it was truly a challenge to measure and balance the ingredients to find the perfect recipe like she used to make. My whole family participated in the testing (and tasting), and after many trials and errors, we figured out my perfect grandma’s tarta de poma.


The result? A ligh and moist cake packed with sweet apples, but not overly sweet.  We cannot guarantee that you have leftovers for the next day.



Origin: Andalucia (Southern Spain)

Polvorones and turrones are found in every household during Christmas festivities. Polvorones are delicate thick cookies made with almond flour. They are really fragile and tender, and they literally melt in your mouth.


Their origin dates back to the XVI century and its elaboration and consume was the result of an excess of two ingredients: wheat and lard.


The flour and almonds are first toasted to accentuate the nutty and complex flavors. Sugar, lard, and cinnamon are then mixed to obtain the cookie dough. After some rest period, the dough is shaped and baked.


The result? The most delicate and flavorful cookie you’ll ever taste.



Origin: Andalucia (Southern Spain)

Made with basic natural ingredients like Spanish extra virgin olive oil, flour, water, yeast, anise seeds, and sugar, tortas de aceite are a staple in the Spanish cuisine.


They are the crisp, light and thin, which make them the perfect snack.


While in Spain they were usually eaten for breakfast with coffee or with a dessert such as crema catalana, we found they are very versatile and we love pairing them with a cheese table cheese or as appetizers.


Every torta de aceite is carefully weighted and hand shaped, which means that while you will never find two tortas that are the same shape, we assure you you are always getting the same amount of crispiness and deliciousness.